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We teach minds to think, hands to do and hearts to love.


Our topic for Summer Term is:

New Life: Growth and Change

During this topic, the children will learn about the life cycles of:  frogs, butterflies and chickens.

They will also plant seeds and find out what seeds need to grow.

The children enjoyed meeting the police dogs, Jet and Ben.

Hall Hill Farm

We had a fantastic time on our visits to Hall Hill Farm in June 2016. The children were able to hold the chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits, they also helped to feed the lamb and gave the larger animals some pellets. All of the children loved the tractor ride and the sheep race was very entertaining!

Here are the photos of children who attend 'morning' and 'beginning of the week' sessions:

Here are the photos of children who attend 'afternoon'and 'end of the week' sessions:
The 2 year olds loved seeing the chicks and giving them a stroke.

The children loved it when the eggs hatched and we had 10 gorgeous fluffy chicks in Nursery.

We let the chicks out on the carpet so they could get some exercise, and also so we could have a closer look!  The children were very careful with them and made sure they didn't get too close.

The children listened carefully to the story  'If Only'  about a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.
They followed the story well and, by the end, they could all say that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
The children were able to name some of the other animals that the caterpillar met in the garden and they talked about which one they liked best.
The children enjoy looking at the frogspawn in the tank and are very excited when one of the tadpoles has hatched! They then look to see if the tadpoles have grown.

Here is our Summer Term Newsletter:

Sport Relief Day



We all enjoyed the visit from Zoolab. There were lots of different creatures to have a look at, and we could touch most of them too! The man showed us: a cockroach, tarantula spider, bosc monitor lizard, corn snake and a miniature tortoise. We all had our own favourite.

The children who attend 'Morning' and 'Beginning of the Week' sessions enjoyed seeing the creatures from Zoolab.
The children who attend 'Afternoon' and 'End of the Week' sessions enjoyed seeing the creatures from Zoolab.

Prayer Spaces


The Nursery children loved exploring the Prayer Spaces.

Chinese New Year

The children enjoyed a yummy feast to celebrate Chinese New Year. We had prawn crackers, vegetable rice and chicken noodles.

January 2016

Happy New Year everyone. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We would like to say a big welcome to our new children starting in January and their parents.

Please remember that we are always happy to speak to you about your child and their time at Nursery. If their is anything you would like to talk to us about, please tell us and we will arrange a suitable time to do this.

We are really looking forward to the term ahead. We have got lots of exciting activities planned and we know this is going to be another fantastic term with lots of new experiences.

Nursery Newsletter Spring 2016

Our Spring Term topic is: All Creatures Great and Small

This term, we are learning about animals. During the first half term, we will be focusing on dinosaurs then, after half term, we will be learning about spiders and owls.

Week Beginning 11th January

A very special week in Nursery! The children were all really excited about an egg that was found in our school grounds. The Nursery children had been asked to look after it for a few weeks. We talked about what kind of animal may have laid the egg and we decided it was a dinosaur egg! The children suggested ways of keeping the egg safe and warm until it hatched. We put it in a sturdy box with a blanket and hot water bottle and everyone promised to be really careful with it.

We are all looking forward to the egg hatching and seeing the baby dinosaur.


Here are some photos of the children looking after the egg:

Week Beginning 18th January

On Wednesday, there was much excitement in Nursery. Our dinosaur egg finally hatched and out popped a baby dinosaur. We decided to call her Doris.

It was lovely to see the children's faces as they met Doris for the first time.

September 2015

Welcome back to a brand new year in Nursery, and a very special welcome to all of our new Nursery starters.

This year will be a fantastic year in Nursery, with lots of new and exciting experiences to look forward to.

If you have any concerns or questions about any aspect of Nursery, please come and speak to a member of the team. We really want to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and can always make time for a quick chat or we can make an appointment to discuss things in more depth. We look forward to working with you all.

The Nursery Team are:


Nursery Teacher: Miss C Forster


Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Scott, Mrs K Hughes, Mrs P Park

Teaching Assistant for 2 year olds: Miss N Reed

What have we been up to recently?


During the week beginning 19th October 2015, we celebrated African culture. The children took part in a range of activities to help them understand more about this diverse continent and experience aspects of African culture.

As we played African music, the children danced using the silk scarves and played a range of African percussion instruments to accompany the music.

We also enjoyed an African feast which one of our parents kindly made for us. The main course was a delicious dish of vegetables and couscous, most of the children had never had couscous before but it went down really well.

For desert, we enjoyed a typical African dish consisting of deep fried eggy bread coated in sugar. That was yummy too, but very sweet so we only had a small piece each!


What else have we been up to?


The children in Nursery love to take part in ring games. Our favourites are: The Farmer's in his Den, Here we go round the Mulberry Bush and There was a Princess Long Ago. Here are some photos of us :

Our topic for Autumn Term is:

Marvellous Me and Fabulous Food

During this topic, we will talk to the children about their family and help them to understand how important they are. The children will also learn what makes them unique. For example, we will look at our thumb and finger prints through a magnifying glass and the children will make pictures using fingerprints and handprints.  After half term, we will focus on our body parts and our senses.

Throughout the term, the children will be making and tasting some delicious food.

We are also learning about Autumn.

The children all enjoyed our Autumn Walk. We talked about the different trees around school and looked at how different trees have different leaves.
We focused on three trees : oak, beech and sycamore.
We talked about the shape of the leaves and how they felt. We also discussed the colours of the leaves in Autumn and why they fall off the trees.

The children picked up their favourite leaves to take back to Nursery to put on our Autumn display, they also found lots of conkers which we added to our collection.

Here is our Autumn Term Newsletter: