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Summer Term 2018

Our topic for the first half term is:  New Life: Growth and Change

During this topic, the children will learn about the life cycles of: frogs, butterflies and chickens.

They will also learn about the life cycles of plants; they will plant seeds and find out what seeds need to grow. We will use the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' to introduce our week on plants.

We are really excited about our visit to Hardwick Park on Wednesday, 23rd May, which will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn more about butterflies and how they evolve. They will take part in an organised workshop based on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ which will include an outdoor trail, making butterfly decorations, learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and a minibeast hunt.

We will also have time to explore the woodland, feed the ducks on the lake and have some fun in the play area. The park is home to many different kinds of wildlife and we will be particularly looking out for grey squirrels, moorhens, swans and mallards.


Nursery Newsletter Summer 2018

This half term, our topic is : New Life, Growth and Change.
This week, the children are learning about plants and what they need to grow.
After watching a PowerPoint about the life cycle of a sunflower, we took the children outside to do some planting.
Each of the children was given a pot to fill with soil. They made a hole in the middle of the soil then popped a sunflower seed inside and covered it.
We talked about what the seed needs to grow and how it will grow roots to take in food from the soil.
The children used the watering cans to give their seed some water and we put the pots in a light place. 

Enjoying the sunny weather

Making Plant Pizzas

When teaching the children about plants, we wanted them to understand that vegetables are plants, too.
We showed the children pictures of four different vegetables, along with the actual vegetables, and talked about where and how they grow. The children then helped to chop them up and placed them on a pizza base with tomato sauce and cheese. We explained to the children how vegetables are healthy for us.
We all enjoyed a very tasty vegetable pizza outside in the sunshine!

Display of the children’s folding paper frogs

Baby Caterpillars!

Our baby caterpillars have arrived! We can’t believe how small they are. We will enjoy looking at them over the next couple of weeks to see how much they grow then form themselves into a pupa. It will then be very exciting to see the butterflies emerge. 

Look how big they are now!

Now they are huge!!

The caterpillars have made a pupa

The children watched excitedly as we released our butterflies into the Nursery garden.

Take One Picture Week

In Nursery this week, we are celebrating ‘Take One Picture Week’. 

We showed the children the picture ‘Three Flavours’ by Wayne Thiebaud and asked the children to talk about it. They came up with lots of brilliant ideas to describe what they could see, as well as describing the smell, taste, sound and feel of the ice-creams. They used words like: drippy, melts, delicious, lovely, yummy, wonderful, cold, crunchy, bumpy, sprinkles, soft and wet.

Luckily, it was a hot sunny day so we were able to extend this to talking about Summer, too. The children thought of lots of different signs of Summer, such as flowers, butterflies, crabs, wearing short-sleeved tops and sun hats, going to the beach and playing in a paddling pool. 

The children then created their own ‘Three Flavours’ picture based on the original but adapting it with their own ideas. 

Enjoying ice cream

After studying our picture ‘Three Flavours’, we thought it would be nice to have our own ice cream. The children all had a cornet full of Neapolitan ice cream, three flavours just like the picture! As it was a lovely warm day, we enjoyed our ice creams outside.

Excited about Eggs

This week is a very exciting one in Nursery. 

Our incubator and ten eggs have arrived so we are waiting for the first chicks to hatch. 

We can’t wait to see the first tiny chicks appear and hear their cheeping. 

Fluffy Chicks

The children loved it when the eggs hatched and we had some gorgeous fluffy chicks in Nursery. 

We let the chicks out on the carpet so they could get some exercise, and also so we could have a closer look! The children were very careful with them and gave them a gentle stroke as they strolled around.

Stay and Play. AM

Stay and Play PM

Thank you so much for coming to our ‘Stay and Play’ session and helping with our wedding celebrations, including decorating cakes, making crowns and colouring in Union Jack flags. It was lovely to see the children having so much fun.

We all really enjoyed the wedding ceremony, a very special and memorable occasion. The children all did brilliantly well and we would like to say a really big WELL DONE to our bride and groom.

The children all had a fantastic  time on our visit to Hardwick Park.

We enjoyed a lovely walk around the park, feeding the ducks, exploring the woodland and seeing the baby moorhen and ducklings. 

Our Hungry Caterpillar workshop was brilliant - we made beautiful butterfly decorations, collected different items of food from ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story and scoured the woodland for bugs which we put in little jars to show our friends.

The children also enjoyed some time in the play area. 


The children love watching the tadpoles and seeing them swim around. They are excited to see that some of them have now grown two legs!!

Forest Schools ~ Making a Stick Man

The children in Nursery love taking part in forest schools.

On their first visit, they listened carefully to the story ‘The Stick Man’ then made their own stick man using small pieces of wood, leaves, flowers and sticks that they had collected from the woods.

They proudly showed their stick men when they were finished.


A Visit From The Dentist

Forest Schools ~ Making a House of Sticks 

The children listened carefully to the story, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

We talked about which of the three houses we could make in the forest. We decided that we could definitely make a house of sticks as there were lots of these!

The children worked together to carry some large branches and place them around the outside of the frame until we had made a big, strong house of sticks. When we had finished, the children all climbed inside.

Then guess what happened next!!

The Big Bad Wolf came along. He tried to blow our house down but it was too strong.

The children were safe!!

Forest Schools ~ Making a Spell!!

The children listened carefully to the story, ‘Room on the Broom’.

We decided to make our own spell, just like the witch in the story!

The children had to work in pairs to collect a certain number of items from the forest, including dock leaves, small twigs, long grass and a mint leaf.

They put the correct number of each item into a bag and took it back to the log circle.

Each pair emptied their bag into our special cauldron and we said a magic spell as one of the children stirred all the ingredients together,

The children closed their eyes and imagined what magical things were happening. We had some fantastic answers, like buttercups dancing to music, unicorns flying over our heads and dinosaurs eating the plants!!

A Visit from Bella

Mrs Scott brings Bella in to school. She shows the children lots of photos to show how Bella has grown and changed since she was just a puppy. Mrs Scott explains how to look after a dog and shows the children some of Bella’s special things, such as her squeaky toy, leader and bag of treats.

Then Bella performs lots of tricks for the children, which they love!

Forest Schools ~ Bug Hunt

The children went on a ‘Bug Hunt’ around the forest.

They looked in the trees and tall grass, under logs, on leaves and flowers and in the ‘Bug Hotel’.

They found lots of exciting creepy crawlies, including slugs, woodlice, green fly, spiders, caterpillars, ants and even a few centipedes!!

The children were very excited when they found something and loved this experience.

Thank you so much for coming to our fantastic Sports Day, and especially for joining in our parent races at the end. We had a great time, the children loved doing their races, especially running against Mammies and Daddies in our ‘Sponge and Bucket’ race.

Luckily the weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed a really good day.

Forest Schools ~ Camp Fire

The children were very excited to learn that we were going to have a real fire in the forest this week.

First of all, Mrs Holmes gave the children a set of igniters especially made for children, to make a spark with.

Then she explained how to use the fire safely - always sitting in the ‘Respect’ position, only going near the fire with an adult, and having a bucket of water ready.

Mrs Holmes lit the fire. It was very exciting to see the flames! 

After a few minutes, four children at a time were allowed to sit beside the fire. They were given a special stick from which we had removed the bark, and put on a large marshmallow.

The children toasted their marshmallows on the camp fire, then Mrs Holmes put each one on a chocolate digestive and the children sat and ate it. It was yummy!! It was also a bit messy!!