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Summer Term 2019

Our topic for the first half term is:  New Life: Growth and Change

During this topic, the children will learn about the life cycles of: frogs, butterflies and chickens.

They will also learn about the life cycles of plants; they will plant seeds and find out what seeds need to grow. We will use the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' to introduce our week on plants.

We are really excited about our visit to Hall Hill Farm on Thursday, 23rd May, which will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn more about the animals that live on a farm as well as being able to take part in a variety of fun, age-appropriate activities. They will be able to interact with some of the smaller, easier to handle animals, including chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs. The children will also be taken on a short tractor ride and will have fun in the play area. 

Foundation Stage Summer newsletter

Nursery Newsletter Summer 2019

Planting Seeds

This half term, our topic is : New Life, Growth and Change.
This week, the children are learning about plants and what they need to grow.
After listening to the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and watching a PowerPoint about the life cycle of a sunflower, we took the children outside to do some planting.
Each of the children was given a pot to fill with soil. They made a hole in the middle of the soil then popped a bean seed inside and covered it.
We talked about what the seed needs to grow and how it will grow roots to take in food from the soil.
The children used the watering cans to give their seed some water and we put the pots in a light place.  

YOGA 26/04/19

The children in Nursery really enjoyed their yoga session. They all tried extremely hard to copy the stretches they were shown and the yoga instructor, was very impressed with how well they listened and the way they all took part. She said they were amazing!
Our baby caterpillars have arrived! We can’t believe how small they are. We will enjoy looking at them over the next couple of weeks to see how much they grow then form themselves into a cocoon. It will then be very exciting to see the butterflies emerge. 

In spite of the rain, the Nursery children enjoyed our visit to the forest.

They listened carefully to our story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' then collected pictures of items from the story in the forest. The children each had to collect five pictures of five different items, and record on their sheet how many of each item they found, by drawing a tally.

The children were supported by our Year 5 children who helped them to find the pictures and make their marks. They looked after our younger children really well and were excellent role models.

At the end, we all enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate and a biscuit.


This week is a very exciting one in Nursery. 

Our incubator and ten eggs have arrived so we are waiting for the first chicks to hatch. 

We can’t wait to see the first tiny chicks appear and hear their cheeping. 

Stay and Play May 2019

Hall Hill Farm

We had a fantastic time on our visit to Hall Hill Farm. The children were able to hold the chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits, they also helped to feed the lamb and gave the larger animals some pellets. All of the children loved the tractor ride although it was a bit bumpy! Finally, we had lots of fun in the outdoor play areas. 

Here are some photos of our day: 


The children in Nursery came dressed in non-uniform for our special Tanzania day.

We talked about how lots of children in Tanzania don't have access to clean water so our pennies are going towards building a well at one of the schools there so they can get clean, fresh water every day.

To remind them how important water is and how lucky we are to have taps at home and at school with clean water in, we took the children for a run around the field, carrying a cup of clean water.

The children were very careful when carrying their cup of water and tried hard not to spill any!

After our run, we were all quite thirsty so we drank our cup of water.


We had a fantastic Father's Day event in Nursery, thank you all for coming. Sadly, due to the bad weather, we weren't able to do our planned activities outside but that didn't stop us having fun. It was lovely to see so many Dads, Grandads, Mams, Grandmas, other relatives and friends all coming to play with the children in Nursery then joining in with our physical games and activities in the hall.


The children in Nursery enjoyed learning about a Christening and taking part in their own Christening Service.

Thank you so much for coming to our fantastic Sports Day, and especially for joining in our parent races at the end. We had a great time, the children loved doing their races, especially running against Mammies and Daddies in our ‘Sponge and Bucket’ race.

Luckily the weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed a really good day.


The children in Nursery really enjoyed the visit from the fire brigade. They loved squirting the water from the hose and sitting in the back of the fire engine. It was great fun!!

A very big thank you to all of the fire fighters who came. ✌️

We had loads of fun at our End of Year party in the forest. The children enjoyed exploring the forest, looking for bugs, swinging on the rope swings and collecting twigs. Then we had our yummy feast - beans on toast that we helped to cook on the camp fire, followed by hot chocolate and a biscuit.

Thank you to the Year 6 children who helped us and made it super fun, you were amazing! 

January 2019

Welcome back everyone. The Nursery team would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas - we look forward to hearing about the children's experiences of Christmas and finding out what Santa brought! 

We would like to say a big welcome to our new children starting in January and their parents.

Please remember that we are always happy to speak to you about your child and their time at Nursery. If there is anything you would like to talk to us about, please tell us and we will arrange a suitable time to do this.

We are really looking forward to the term ahead. We have got lots of exciting activities planned and we know this is going to be another fantastic term with lots of new experiences.

Nursery Newsletter Spring 2019

Spring Term Topics:  Winter Wonderland and Our Favourite Stories

Our first topic is, 'Winter Wonderland'. The children will be helping to look after a little polar bear cub that has been found in the school grounds. The children will learn about the polar bear's natural habitat and we will help them to understand why some animals are suited to warm climates and why some animals prefer cold climates. We will also be helping the children to learn about freezing and melting and how to keep warm in Winter.

After half term, we will be sharing some of our favourite stories and doing lots of follow-up activities based on these stories. These will include: 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', 'The Gingerbread Man', 'Owl Babies' and 'Peace At Last'.


As it is the start of a new year, we have been talking about New Year's Resolutions, and explaining that this is a good time of year to set ourselves a goal that we can keep working on over a few weeks. We would like parents and carers to help their children to achieve a goal at home, for example: putting their shoes on, writing their name, riding a bike etc.

This week, our goal was to pass a tambourine around the circle without making a noise. The children tried really hard to do this and, after a few attempts, we achieved our goal. Well done, everyone!


This week, our theme is:  SOCKS 

The sock fairy has muddled up lots of pairs of socks, so the children helped to find the matching pairs.

We looked at the socks to see how they were different and noticed there were lots of white pairs. We decided to sort the socks into white, pink and dark socks. Then we talked about how the socks were made of different material to wear in Winter and Summer. The children felt the socks to see if they could tell which ones were thick and which were thin.

A Special Find

On Monday, 21st January, something very exciting happened at Nursery. 

Whilst we were going for a walk through the woods at the top of the Key Stage one field looking for signs of winter, the children found a little polar bear cub! It was sitting under the hedge, on top of a basket. We wondered what was inside the basket! 

The children were all really excited about the little polar bear cub that we found and were keen to give it a stroke.

We took it inside and the children passed it round the circle so they could all have a closer look. 

We opened the basket and were surprised to find a toothbrush inside, and a note asking us to look after the polar bear cub for a little while. We talked about how we could take care of the cub, and how to keep it safe and warm. The children suggested giving it a toy, a blanket and some food. Then, we thought of a safe place to keep him. 

We are thinking of a name for our little polar bear and looking forward to taking care of it until it's Mummy comes back.

Here are some photos of our Winter walk and the children finding the polar bear cub :

Investigating Ice

We gave the children some blocks of ice to investigate, each block contained a small toy animal frozen inside.

We talked about where we had put the ice to freeze and what it felt like. The children used some super words to describe the ice, like cold, hard, smooth, icy and freezing.

The children enjoyed touching the ice and realised it made their hands really cold and wet! They also noticed that the ice was starting to melt and we discussed why this was happening.

We then set the children a challenge - to try to rescue the animals from the ice. The children enjoyed using the small toy hammers to tap the ice and free the animals.

The children had a great time and it was lovely to see their excitement as they managed to free the animals!

R. E.

In R.E. this term, the children are enjoying listening to stories from the New Testament in the bible and helping to act them out. We talk about the meaning of the stories and what Jesus is trying to teach us.

The Sower

Wise and Foolish Builders

We took the afternoon children to Tesco's to buy the ingredients to make pizza. This week, we are focusing on words beginning with ‘p’, so we decided to make pizza with pepper and pepperoni. 

The children helped to put our items in the trolley and to scan them with the self-service scanner. The lady in Tesco’s gave them each a blue token to post in one of the slots in the charity box on the way out.

Physical Fun on the Equipment

The children enjoyed using the large apparatus in the hall. They travelled over the benches in different ways, jumped off the P E stool, stepped in and out of the ladders, jumped from one hoop to another and crawled through the tunnel. 

We were helping the children to identify words beginning with ‘p’.

We decided to make pizza, putting pepper and pepperoni on top.

The children enjoyed helping to make the pizza - first cutting the pepper with a knife, then spreading the tomato sauce on the pizza base, adding pieces of pepper and pepperoni and finally sprinkling some grated cheese on top.

The children were very excited to go to the staff room and watch us putting the pizza in the oven, and they enjoyed eating the pizza. They even helped to wash the dishes afterwards!! 

Chinese New Year

We showed the children a powerpoint to help them learn about China and how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year.
They enjoyed having a look at the Chinese objects including chopsticks, New Year cards and decorations, lucky red envelopes and baby shoes.
The children enjoyed trying the different food at our Chinese New Year feast.
We had prawn crackers, egg fried rice, noodles and water melon.

Outside Obstacle Course AM

Outside Obstacle Course PM

The children loved developing their gross motor skills on our Obstacle Course, practising their climbing, stepping, jumping and throwing techniques.

Stay and Play Feb 19

We had a lovely ‘Stay and Play’ session on 13 February.

Our theme was maths but it was lovely to see the parents engaging in a variety of activities with their children.

A Visit to the Book Bus

The Nursery children enjoyed our visit to the Book Bus. We looked at the books on the shelves then chose a book to sit down with. The children were keen to ask Mums and Dads to take them back to the bus to buy a book.

TAI CHI 28/02/19

The children in Nursery really enjoyed their tai chi session. They all tried extremely hard to copy the moves they were shown and the instructor was very impressed with how well they focused and the way they all took part. She said they were amazing!

Forest Schools - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We had a brilliant time in the Forest Schools Area. We read the story, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' all week in Nursery, and we wanted to finish the week by acting out the story in the forest. We decided to make some sound effects for the story so we got some empty plastic bottles and the children helped to fill them with things from the story: grass, mud, water for the river, sticks for the forest and pretend snow.

Then, we went on a walk around the forest, singing the story and shaking the bottles to make the sounds. It was great fun! We even found a bear sitting in the cave. He was a friendly bear and wanted to go back to Nursery to play with us.

When we got back, the children enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate and a biscuit.


St Hild’s celebrated World Book Day on Thursday, 7th March.

The children all came to Nursery dressed as their favourite book character. It was lovely to see so many fantastic outfits, well done, everyone!

A Visit to Clayport Library

The Nursery children loved our visit to Clayport library on Monday 11th March.

They sat really well while Alison, the librarian, read them several stories, including 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' which the children loved joining in with.

They also enjoyed looking through the books and choosing one to take home. They took it to the counter to be scanned.

We had a fantastic visit and the children were all amazing, listening really well and following directions. Well done, Nursery.

Comic Relief 2019

The children in Nursery dressed in red for Comic Relief Day.

We had lots of fun! 

The children listened really carefully to the story of Lawand, a little boy from Syria.

They iced red nose cakes, played 'Stick the Nose on Mr Tumble' and then we practised singing and dancing to the Mr Tumble Comic Relief song. It was a lovely morning.

Forest Schools - Owl Babies

The children had great fun in the forest. They listened to the 'Owl Babies' story then collected twigs and leaves to fill their bag to make an owl puppet, before sticking on two eyes and a beak. They looked very cute! 

At the end of the session, the children enjoyed some juice and a biscuit.

Mother's Day Celebration

Easter Fun Day