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Please meet our staff


Nursery Teacher: Miss C Forster


Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Scott, Miss N Reed

Our topic for Summer Term is:

New Life: Growth and Change



Butterfly Week

During 'Butterfly Week' in Nursery, we talked about how a butterfly's wings are the same and looked at pictures of butterflies. We made a large butterfly in the sand and gave the children some natural objects to decorate it. We helped the children to make a symmetrical pattern on the butterfly using the natural objects.
During our  'Butterfly Week' in Nursery,  a group of children made butterfly cakes for all of their friends.  We talked about the changes that were happening at different stages :  when the ingredients were mixed together,  when the cakes came out of the oven.
Lottie-May and lily-May make their buttetfly houses.

Frog Week

The children explore the texture of the jelly before it dissolves in the water. They then observe and talk about what happens when the hot water is poured onto the jelly cubes and what we need to do for the jelly to set.
Jayden Shanice Jessie Declan and olly helped to make a pond. After watching a power point of points to life they were able to tell me what was in a pond and what animals lived there.
The children made paper plate frogs. I introduced new vocabulary to describe the different textures we used to make the frogs.

Baby Animals Week

The children listened to a farm animals story. They learnt where the animals lived then we built different enclosures and sorted the farm animals.
Kayden, Harvey and Sharie help to make animal shaped biscuits for all of their friends.

Chicken and Eggs Week

The children watch a Power point teaching them about the life cycle of a chicken. Then they watch short video of a chick hatching. The children al shout out questions and make comments on what they see showing an understanding and interest in growth and change. After this they sequence a set of photos showing what they have learnt. The children are then encouraged to write a number next to the photo to show they understand the order 1 - 4.

Here is our Summer Term Newsletter:

The children enjoyed a yummy Chinese feast to celebrate Chinese New Year.  We had noodles,  rice,  prawn crackers and Chinese pears.

Our topic for Spring Term is:

Helpful Heroes and Marvellous Machines

The lady from Sure Start came in to talk to the children about dental health and how to look after our teeth.  She brought in a really big set of teeth to show the children how to clean our teeth properly,  then the children all had a go.
We had a very special visit from a police officer.
He talked to the children about his job and the special clothes he has to wear. He explained about his police number and showed his walkie-talkie.
Then we went outside to see the police car. We saw the blue flashing light and heard the siren.  It was really loud!
We had a special visit from one of the nurses at the Treetops ward at the University Hospital.
The children listened carefully as the nurse told them all about her job and showed them some of the special clothes that doctors and nurses wear and some of the special equipment they use.
Mrs Parkinson, our school cook, came into Nursery to talk to the children about her job. She told us about the preparations she has to do in the morning then she talked about healthy food and unhealthy food and explained how our school meals are healthy.
Mrs Parkinson showed the children a selection of different food and the children sorted them into healthy and unhealthy food.

Here is our Spring Term Newsletter.

You will find out what our topic is this term and what the children will be doing within the 7 areas of learning.

If you would like to know more about anything on the newsletter, please ask!

Our first Christmas Show took place on Tuesday 9th December. It was fantastic!

Take a look at some photos from the show.

Our show on Wednesday 10th December was also amazing!

Here are some photos from the show:

This half term, our R. E. topic is 'Stories Jesus Heard'.


One of the stories we told was 'Noah's Ark'. The children listened carefully as we acted it out using Noah's Ark and the animals.