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Welcome to our reception class for 2017! We are so excited about the year ahead as so much happens for the children in their first year of full-time school. We look forward to working with you all and meeting you over the first few weeks at school to find out more about the children. Please see the attachments below to see the plans for this term and don't hesitate to speak to Mrs Holmes, Mrs Hawkins or myself if there is anything you need to ask.

Mrs Hann

Reception Staff

Class Teacher / Foundation Stage Leader Mrs M. Hann

Class Teacher - Mrs D. Holmes

HLTA- Mrs K. Hawkins

Support staff:- Miss K. Layfield

Our Reception Class


We went on a nature walk around school and collected signs of nature. When we came back to the classroom we made a map of our journey.

Fruit and vegetable printing in the style of Van Gogh

We made a delicious fruit salad!

Marking marks outside

Sponsored Obstacle Course

Children in Need 2017

Forest Schools in Reception

Still image for this video
The start of our forest school experience at St Hild’s School! At the weekend we had a special visit from a beautiful fairy called Sparkle!

Working together to take our equipment to the forest!

Sparkle left a letter for us. She needed our help! Sparkle was sad because her fairy friends had flown away because no one was caring for them anymore. All of their homes had disappeared. She wanted Reception to make some fairy houses for her fairy friends. She told us they would stay in our new houses until they could make their houses in the trees.

Sparkle also told us that the trees were sad and that was why their homes had disappeared. To live in the trees they need to be happy. Sparkle asked us to help make the trees happy again.

Working together to take our equipment back into school. We hope the fairies come back. Watch this space!!!

Let’s Investigate!

We loved the snow today,

Hurray, It’s Advent - it’s first of December! We can dress the tree!

Puppet Show

The children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed a very special puppet show performed by St Nic's church in Durham.
They told the story of Christmas.  The children listened carefully and joined in singing some Christmas songs. Then they all helped to blow out the candle on the cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday. 


The Christmas Nativity 2017

Christmas lunch 2017

Let’s dance! Christmas disco


We had fun practicing segmenting the sounds in CVC words such as cat and dog and writing them out with paint in the snow!

Forest schools

During our visit to the forest we read Room on the Broom and talked about finding a special thing from the forest to share with the group. The children were then shown how to safety move around the fire circle and how to safely add to the fire by kneeling on one knee so they don’t wobbled and fall. We then went to find 4 sticks. Each stick had to match the length of a body part - a leg, an arm, a hand and the height of them. We spoke about how some sticks were too short and others were too long. We ended the session with hot chocolate, marshmallows and a biscuit! Yummy!

Forest Schools in the Snow!

Today in our forest school session we read the Gruffalo. We stopped read reading before the mouse saw the grufffalo... the children were asked to work in teams to make a gruffalo on the forest floor using sticks and whatever else they could collect. Then could then use the paints to draw detail to their gruffalo and decorate its body. Once the children had finished they told the other children about their gruffalo. 


The children enjoyed taking part in a taster yoga session. 

Our Dark Den

Investigating light and dark in the dark den. The children made shadow shapes and animals using their hands. They children enjoyed sharing books and finding out about nocturnal animals. 

Forest Schools - Dragin school for Zog!

After reading the story Zog the children made a Dragon school for Zog using the woodland materials. They thought about including desks, books, pencils and much more. One decided Zog should have a playground for his school.

The children were then asked to find something they thought was special in the area and return to the fire circle to share it and explain why they thpught it was special. 

Chinese New Year

During Class Worship the children found out all about Chinese New Year. Following class worship the children made Chinese lanterns and tasted Chinese food. They thought it was yummy!

Cinderella’s Ball in the Forest

During our forest school session this week we created a Cinderella’s Ball tent. We decorated the den we made with flags, lights and posters. The children made music with the natural woodland materials. 

Igloo Den

The children enjoyed making a den for Cinderella’s Ball so much we decided to make good use of the snow and build an igloo. The children used mounds to create bricks to make the igloo. Even though it was cold they worked as a team to make an igloo. As the snow was starting to melt, we decided it would be too difficult to make a roof, so we collect light branches from the forest area for the roof. 

Let’s get active!

The children enjoyed our trip to the sports morning. They joined in with a range of challenging activities. Everyone had fun!

Making the bug hotel

Liz Millon

Liz Millon a famous author came to our school. She showed us how to write characters and how to change their facial expressions. She was very funny! Alex was chosen to draw part of her picture. 
In PE we created a Ball dance as part of our Cinderella topic. The children danced with a partner in time with the music.

Wow! Our volcano exploded!!

The volcano

Still image for this video

Everyone looked fantastic on World Book Day 📚

Today was Sports Relief Day. We enjoyed a long, long run around school and a danceathon in the hall

Russian Easter Eggs

The children found out about a Easter tradition used in Russia. The wrap hard boiled eggs in a decorative wrap and place it in boiling water and the wrap shrinks around the egg. They were so pretty. The children loved watching as the wrap moulder around the egg. 

Easter Egg Forest Hunt

The Easter Puppet Show

The people from St. Nick’s church in the market place, Durham, shared their Easter Puppet show with us. We enjoyed hearing more about the Easter story. 

Trip to the Gala To see The Owl and the Pussy Cat

Let’s Investigate!

We decided to grow some cress. We wanted to find out where it would grow best? We decided to investigate four things - wet and in the light, wet and in the dark, dry and in the light and dry and in the dark. Watch this space to find out what happens ...

Planting Sunflowers

Our Results

We found out that the cress seeds grew in both the dark and light When we added water. The seeds without water didn’t grow. We noticed that the cress in the light was green but the cress in the dark was light green/yellow. 

Our New Friends!

We watched as the chicks hatched from the eggs! We enjoyed cuddling the chicks. 
We visited Seaham today; first we saw the lifeboat, then we went on the beach and then to the park at Dalton le Dale

On our way!

We visited the lifeboat - The George Elmey

Then off to the beach!