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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Autumn Term Year 3. 

Your teachers this year are Mr Thornton and Mrs Killian. You will also be taught by Mrs Deadman for Science, French and Music. We are all looking forward to getting to know you and seeing the progress you make. 

Autumn term newsletter

Year 3 information

Anti Bullying information

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been holding discussions about bullying and how we can be a part of our schools community to make a difference. The children have come up with their superhero personas and how they can make a difference. The children have taken it upon themselves to invite children to play games with them, asking others if they are ok and reporting any signs of bullying. We are all coming together to put a stop to bullying! 

Multi-Faith Day

For Multi-Faith Day we have been learning all about Hinduism, in particular Diwali. The children had great fun learning all about Diwali. We looked at what Diwali means, how it is celebrated and the traditions that Hindus follow during this Festival of Light. We did a report on Diwali, created our own Rangoli patterns and Mehndi hand patterns.

Rememberance Day

This week we have been paying our respects to the brave people who serve and have served in the war. The children have decorated and made poppies, writing words on them that pay their respects.

Our topic is the Stone Age

Our topic is the Stone Age 1

In our Stone Age topic we will be investigating the historic timeline, key events and historic Stone Age remains. We will also be looking at the way of life for people during this time, looking into the food they ate, tools they made, houses they built and how they survived with what they had.

In a geographical point of view we will be identifying the different counties in which remains have been found and the change in landscape. Leading us into why people had to move due to the constant change in weather and landscape. Also, evaluating where settlements have been found and understanding why people chose these particular locations, such as Skara Brae.

In Art & DT we will be getting creative by sketching Stonehenge, creating our own settlements, cave painting and even painting using berries and charcoal.

In Maths we have been working hard with our place value unit, identifying the value of 3-digit number and being able to recognise and represent them in different ways.

We are also working hard in our addition and subtraction unit, looking at adding and subtracting 1-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers with a 3-digit number. These have crossed the boundaries where we have had to exchange and borrow from the tens and hundreds column.

We will also be looking at missing number problems and written word problems within this unit.

We have enjoyed and learnt a lot in our P.E lessons this Autumn term with NUFC!

Maiden Castle Tri-Golf Festival

We visited Maiden Castle to take part in a Tri-Golf Festival where we worked on our golf skills and had a lot of fun!

Hoopstarz taught us how to hula-hoop and have fun whilst being active.

Zumba with Gemma was hard work but we had lots of fun dancing to diffent styles of music 🕺💃