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We teach minds to think, hands to do and hearts to love.

Year 5

We made ice-cream and sauces

Take One Picture Week

Take One Picture- Mixing paint -tints, tones and shades

Is this the original?
...or this?

Take one picture week- Silk Painting

The finished work. Aren't they brilliant!

Take one Picture week- Maths-Measuring carefully and drawing accurate right-angles.

We measured and drew the dimensions of some of Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings on the playground in chalk. We were surprised how big some of them were. All of the children in Key stage 2 could have fit into the largest!



We have been finding out all about the Amazonian  rainforest.

We drew pencil sketches of rainforest plants and painted pictures after looking at the work of Henri Rousseau.

We mixed as many greens as we could using paint then used dictionaries and thesauri to create interesting names for them: Vividly Verdant, Fruity Frog,Acidic green, Lime Love,Toxic Acid green and many more.

Our  "Save the Rainforest" leaflets look very professional.

Computing: using spreadsheets and pie-charts to display information

Year 5 garden

Planting herbs
Getting our hands dirty

We were invited to meet MEP John Brannen

 Chair of Council,John Brannen MEP ,Deputy Mayor
We asked brilliant questions!
We did a quiz about the European Union.
Where is Croatia?
Look for clues.
Mr Stobie helped us make a map of European Union.
We used ouselves!
Year 5 were a real credit to school , their families and themselves. Behaviour was excellent and they were great role models for our school. St Hild's School is very proud of you. Well done!

Spring newsletter - Red Class

Spring term Project homework

Author Adam Bushnell helped us with storytelling