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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Summer Term 2020


Summer term has arrived already and the sun is shining! Even though we aren't together in the classroom this half term, you can keep in touch via Dojo and share the wonderful activities you get up to. Copies of your home learning pack are available from this page.


Photos and videos are both great ways of sharing what you are getting up to and I look forward to seeing them! 


Have fun, stay in touch and shine brightly!

Mr Grant smiley

Year 5 information

Anti Bullying information

We investigated how air resistance impacts falling objects.

We got the hot glue gun out to make our Christmas decorations.

Investigating which materials make good insulators - we needed to stop our Ice Aliens from melting!

Party Ready!

Our Christmas dinner was a real treat!

You all did a fantastic job in our Nativity performance - I was very proud!

Investigating Greek artefacts was a lot of fun. Look at our thinking faces!

We adopted an orangutan - say hello to Mojo!

We really enjoyed our half-term of gymnastics lessons with Marie-Claire. We'll certainly remember the phrase 'High Quality'!

Bikeability Fix was a great opportunity to learn how to look after (and even repair) our bikes.

We made some fitness videos to encourage the rest of the school to get active.

We received more Play Leader training a learnt loads of new games to play outside!

Rocking out as Times Table Rockstars!

You all did a great job with your reports about a newly discovered planet!

We made line graphs using resources from around the classroom.

We wore yellow today and learnt more about what is meant by the term 'mental health'.

Zumba got us all very active and gave us a chance to dance to lots of different music types.

Hoopstarz was great fun and a serious workout!

...and then we acted out the movement of planets around the sun!

We made representations of the solar system to compare the sizes of different planets...

We designed our own Greek-style pots...

Multi-Skills at Maiden Castle!