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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

We can't wait to meet you all and begin our exciting journey together.  We are excited to welcome back our existing families and of course welcome the many new families joining us this year!

We have lots of interesting topics planned this year and know that we will all be working hard together, so that we have a very productive first year in school. So, let's start this new adventure together and shine bright!



Class 1 Staff

Mrs Holmes, Miss Forster and Mrs Hawkins

Autumn Term 2020


This Term our topic is called Me, My Home and My Family. Throughout this topic we will be linking our experiences to the stories written by the well known author - Julia Donaldson. 


European Day of Languages

Class 1 enjoyed celebrating the European Day of Languages on 28th September.
We talked about some of the countries on the map of Europe and the children told us which countries they had been to.
We learnt how to say  'hello' in lots of different European languages - our favourite was 'hola'. 
We also practised counting to ten in French and sang 'Frere Jacques' with the actions.
During independent play, the children were able to make a French flag then proudly waved them around.

Looking After God's Wonderful World

In R.E. this term, the children in Reception are thinking about God's wonderful world and how we can look after it so that it stays beautiful.
We have talked about the rubbish that is spoiling our world and making animals and sea creatures poorly.
The children wanted to do something to help!
We went for a walk around the school grounds to see what we could do to look after our environment. The children found some things that needed picking up, including rubbish, toys, balls and leaves.

Mrs Hawkins put on a pair of gloves and collected all of the rubbish in a black sack. 
We all agreed our school environment looked much better when we had finished.
Well done to the Reception children for helping with such a worthwhile job 😊

In R.E. we have been thinking about how we can look after God's wonderful world.

We decided that we can help to look after bees and other insects by growing more flowers.

Each child planted a daffodil bulb in a pot and watered it to help it to grow.

We put them all in the greenhouse over the winter so that we can check on them regularly. We are really looking forward to seeing them grow!