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Welcome to Nursery

September 2023

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer, and a very special welcome to our new children and their parents and carers.   

Nursery Class will also be known as Donaldson Class, after the fabulous author Julia Donaldson. 

This year, Miss Forster, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Scott and Miss Jones will be teaching you, and we are really looking forward to the year ahead; we have lots of new and exciting experiences for you to enjoy, we will be helping you to learn many new things and having lots of fun! 

We know you will all work super hard and shine brightly this year.


We will be visiting the woodland on a Monday and Friday morning, and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Children should ideally come to school wearing tracksuit bottoms or leggings on those days. 


If you have any concerns or questions about any aspect of school life, please speak to one of us. We really want to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and can always make time for a quick chat or we can make an appointment to discuss things in more depth.

We look forward to working with you all.

Miss Forster, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Scott and Miss Jones

Our school topic for the Autumn Term is:

A Tale to Tell....

This topic will give the children lots of opportunities to understand more about themselves and their family, leading to discussions about how we grow and change, where we live, our likes and dislikes and how to look after ourselves and stay healthy. We will read and explore a wide variety of books, both non-fiction and fiction, including traditional tales and Julia Donaldson stories.   


We will also be learning about Autumn, Harvest and Christmas. 


We listened to the story, ‘The Little Red Hen’, then all worked together to make our own loaf of bread. It was delicious!

We loved going on an Autumn Walk and collecting lots of Autumn treasures with our parents and carers at our Stay and Play session



 It was great to have a visit from our local School Crossing Patrol officer.
He talked to the children in class about his role and the importance of road safety, before taking small groups onto Renny’s Lane and showing them how to cross the road safely.

On Jeans For Genes Day the children wore jeans for school and watched a video about a little boy with a genetic condition

We celebrated the European Day of Languages by making French flags

We had lots of fun on our first visit to the woodland

We hope you enjoy seeing how busy we are in Early Years, exploring in many different ways. We are expanding our vocabulary daily and as you will see lots of our activities help us to develop our skills in more than one area of learning.

Some of the fun activities we have experienced to enhance Personal, Emotional and Social well being.

These activities helped us grow stronger with our physical skills.

These activities helped us to further develop our mathematical skills.

These activities help us to develop our literacy skills, enhancing our interest in the world of books.

We have enjoyed exploring the world around us

We have enjoyed exploring our creative skills through different forms of art and music.

September 2022 - July 2023

Activities that enhance our PSE.

Some activities that enhance our physical skills.

Some act that enhance our creative skills.

Some activities that enhance our knowledge of the world.

Some activities that enhance our mathematical skills.

Some activities that enhance our literacy skills.

Here are some of the fun activities we have been doing during the first part of the Summer term.

These activities helped us to build on our PSE skills.

These activities help to build on our language and communication skills.

These activities helped us build on our physical skills.

These activities help us to build on our literacy skills. We looked carefully at the book, From Seed to Sandwich as part of our Bug Club Phonics. Our book by Jill Murphy was On My Way Home.

These activities help us to build on our mathematical skills.

These activities help us to build on our creative skills. The artist we explored this term was Vincent Van Gogh, we looked carefully at his painting , ‘Sunflowers’.

These activities help us to build on our knowledge of the world. We have had lots of fun learning about the King’s coronation.

Early Years abbreviations. 

PSE - Personal, Social & Emotional.

PD - Physical Development. (Gross & fine motor skills)

C & L - Communication & Language.

M - Mathematics.

L - Literacy.

U the W - Understanding the World.

EA & D - Expressive Arts & Design.

Spring Term 2.


This term we have enjoyed exploring the world of dinosaurs, alongside special events and exploring our interests.

Some of the activities we enjoyed to help us develop our PSE skills.

We develop our fine and gross motor skills through all areas of learning.

Some of our Literacy activities.

Some of our Mathematics activities.

Exploring our knowledge of the world around us, past and present.

Expressive Arts and Design through music and being creative.

Spring term 1. The children have been travellers and exploring space through the different areas of learning. We have also celebrated Chinese New Year! We have explored Winter too. We have had a very busy Spring Half term.

To support our PSE we have continued with turn taking activities and looked again at our class contract to help settle our new friends. We have also talked about the importance of crossing the road safely.

To help us extend our vocabulary each week we have explored objects linked to our topic.

We have done lots of activities to help us develop more confidence and become stronger with our gross and fine motor skills.

Here are some of the fun activities we have experienced to help continue to develop our maths skills.

This terms story by Jill Murphy was ‘Whatever Next!’ The children have loved this story and all the fun activities we did to help us further our Literacy skills.

To help us develop our Understanding the World skills we have loved going on journeys to the moon, celebrated Chinese New Year and looked closely at Winter.

We have been very creative, designing rockets and exploring the artist Van Gough and his famous painting, A Starry Night.

Autumn term 2.
At the end of last half term we said goodbye to Mrs Young, wishing her well with her new post. We welcomed Mrs Fox into the St Hild’s family at the start of the second part of Autumn Term along with some new children.


To help us with developing our PSE skills we are continuing to learn our rules to make nursery a happy and safe place to be alongside learning some British values and our school values. The children have been taking part in lots of different activities encouraging them to take turns and be patience whilst waiting your turn. 

To help us extend our vocabulary we describe an object each week linked to our topics.

We explore our gross and fine motor skills through all our areas of learning.

To help us with our mathematical skills we have been doing lots of noticing. We are continuing our learning to recognise groups of up to 3 objects and learning to understand how we know there are 2 and 3. We continue to regularly sing number songs to help with our counting.

We continue to enjoy a wide range of stories and rhymes daily, we also enjoy some phonic related activities. 

There have been lots of events this half term, including; Children in Need, Anti-Bullying day, Road Safety, Remembrance Day & Guy Fawkes. We have enjoyed the story Joseph and his Coat of many Colours, The Creation & Jesus and his Baptism, then looked at our experiences of Baptism. We are starting to learn about The First Christmas. All of these help us to extend our knowledge in understanding our world.